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Cases to plant the highest realm of jewelry designers - exhibiting ark design "talking under"


Jewelry cases will talk? That's impossible. The cases we speak today will talk, meaning just refers to the cases and can be delivered to the customer information. The design of how to achieve such effect? First, jewelry cases as part of the business cases, business cases and mean sales terminal display furniture,

Namely stores used to display the product inside the cabinet. Used to display jewelry jewelry cases, such as jewelry store cosmetics store cosmetics cases, clothing clothing shelves, mobile phones store shelves, shoe store shelves, lingerie store hung underwear underwear exhibition shelves, store had put glasses glasses shelves, watch display cases to watch watch shop and so on.

Business cases and the most important task is to foil the grade of the product. Mall or pedestrian street in the commercial area of what all have, all kinds of brand, full of beautiful things in all kinds of products. So, in the design of jewelry cases while waiting for the commercial display furniture, we are going to attract customers attention fluctuation kongfu. Your storefront design is novel, interesting, and not lose the grade. And can give customers a hint: "come on, buy, cases and put inside the product is a good thing!" So, visit your shop customers much more naturally.

So, in the business class cases such as the design of jewelry cases, our designer cannot stand still, to go bold innovation, must be in color collocation, the collocation of timber, light fluctuation full time is tie-in, on modelling. If you can give your design cases and a talking mouth, you're the highest state of cases and cases to factory designer.

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