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Under the salesman with designer how to perfect partner


Basically every storefront factories have their own stylist, have their own business team. What should under the salesman and cases to design a perfect partner?

The first: cases and business should have excellent professional knowledge. As a salesman, exhibiting ark you must to have a full understanding of their own industry. First you need to know the cases and production process. Cases and how to make out, each procedure, and how. Then, you also need to understand the cases and the cost of materials. How many side glass, for example, how much is not the same as the thickness of one party. How much is a fiber board, different thickness of different prices. How the price of stainless steel and so on.

Second: cases and the salesman should have good understanding ability. Because, the first contact with our customer is a salesman. Under the salesman when communicate with customers to be able to understand the meaning. Then clearly passed on to our designer to design on the first brick in the set up design train of thought.

Third: cases and the salesman to have enough patience. Patiently listen to the various requirements of our clients, reasonable embraced, unreasonable on boot. Then correctly passed on to our cases and designers, and finally let stylist and client perfect docking success, complete storefront design and custom make critical first step, the following design by designer to play.