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Why cases and factory workers is higher salary?


Why cases and factory workers is higher salary? In fact this problem also a lot of people asked

There are several reasons:

A: now, carpenters, electricians, installation and other technical workers less and less, so more and more difficult to recruit workers.

2: shelves made of wood, are basically big core board, MDF, etc., in the production process in the workshop dust is very large,

Many workers are not willing to do. Some do it can do good for several years, other industry and do not understand, to feed their families, so no

Don't do it.

Three: under the paint, do now under basic is the lacquer that bake, make the production process of the smell of paint is bigger, very

Many workers can't stand it.

Four: cases and factory usually have to work overtime, overtime pay is very high. Because under factory to cooperate with the customer's store opening time, there is

Some customers for cases and the time limit for a project with only ten days.

Five: cases and factory workers, the basic no handyman, basic it is belongs to the technical type of work. Technical workers also called blue-collar,

Blue-collar are very popular now.

So, to sum up several reasons, cases and factory workers than general furniture factory wages higher, of course people dry

Live technical content is higher, workload is bigger.