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How to see a storefront factory have no power?


Because the jewelry cases are custom-made, unlike mobile phone ah, rice cooker, electronic products or are ready-made. Cases to build more cumbersome, must often several procedures to complete the production. So, master of the customer's point of view, each customer all hope to find a strong, professional, service good cases to factory docking, customized storefront, save a lot of trouble. So, what do you think a storefront factory strength, some? How is it possible to get things done? The author xin dynasty exhibiting ark factory have several views:

1: : design team cases to have -- -- -- -- -- the strength of the factory must have their own design team! Can complete design of the size, and can understand well the customer want to achieve something, and even help customers solve the problem of customers are not found. Always advanced design idea, perfect professional knowledge.

2: clean room of the lacquer that bake, powerful storefront factory must have a systematic dust-free painting workshop. You know, now under the paint that demand is higher and higher, if you want to do cases to paint well, must have a clean room of the lacquer that bake, must have the professional paint master.

3: the production capacity of cases to have -- -- -- -- -- - the strength of factory must have a certain production capacity. A lot of cases to plant the plant with the salesman only a dozen people, once in the peak season, don't drive out of order, but missed the customer.

4: the installation team cases to have -- -- -- -- -- - the strength of factory must have their own installation team. Truly design - production - installation of one-stop service.

Above is the xin dynasty cases to plant a few views, xin dynasty exhibiting ark factory as a senior exhibition shelves, welcome general customer friend sincere cooperation, create a win-win! (xin dynasty exhibiting ark factory newsroom original articles, reproduced please leave from www.display898.com)