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Global single block heaviest aluminum alloy flat ingot binzhou offline


A few days ago, shandong province key engineering projects, weiqiao aluminum electric high precision aluminum plate with the first flat ingot production line feeding trial production, output global single block heaviest 40 tons of high quality aluminum alloy flat ingot. This marked the weiqiao aluminum electric company structure and cultivate new growth pole in turn way and an extremely important step on the journey.

The project construction in February 17. Built for postpartum, will greatly promote binzhou, shandong aluminum products manufacturing production capacity in the province and the state.

Weiqiao aluminum electric smelting project is the current global one-time completed and put into operation the biggest aluminum alloy flat ingot casting project, which can be realized with high quality, large size rolling aluminium alloy flat ingot 800000 tons, can produce multiple specifications flat ingot, the large flat ingot production specifications for 645 * 2220 * 645 mm, single piece of flat ingot weighing 40 tonnes. The output of high quality aluminum alloy flat ingot, not only for guangdong, double zero foil rolling production provides the high quality of billet, also for the subsequent aerospace and special the development and production of high-grade aluminum alloy strip has laid a solid foundation.