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Aluminum alloy die casting characteristics


Pressure casting or die casting, it is a kind of to press the molten alloy mixture to indoor, filling at high speed steel mould cavity, and the liquid alloy solidification under pressure and the formation of a casting foundry method. Die casting is distinguished from other foundry method is the main characteristic of high pressure and high speed.

(1) the liquid metal filling cavity under pressure, and under the pressure of higher crystal solidification, common pressure for 15-100 mpa.

(2) the metal mold filling at high speed, usually in a 10-50 meters/seconds, some may be more than 80 m/s, (through the gate into cavity of linear velocity - gate velocity), so the liquid metal filling time is very short, about 0.01-0.2 seconds (different) must inspect the size of the casting and can fill the cavity. Die casting machine, die casting alloy and die casting mould are three main factors for die casting production, be short of one cannot. The die casting technology is the synthetical use of these three elements organically, make can steadily and rhythmically to efficiently produce appearance and inner quality, size meet the requirements of the drawings or agreement qualified castings, and even high quality castings.

Die casting of liquidity

Liquidity is the ability to alloy liquid filling mold. Liquidity can decide the size of the alloy casting complex castings. Most liquid in the aluminum alloy crystal alloy.

There are many influence factors in liquidity, mainly exist in the composition, temperature, and alloy liquid metal oxides, metal compounds and other pollutants of solid phased particles, but the root of the external factors for the pouring temperature and pouring pressure (commonly known as pouring head).

In practical production, in the case of alloy have been identified, in addition to strengthening smelting technology (refining and slag), also must improve casting technology (sand permeability, exhaust gas and metal mould temperature), and the casting quality is not affected under the premise of increasing pouring temperature, to ensure that the alloy liquid.


Aluminum and aluminum alloy material processed into certain shape generally referred to as the aluminum, including sheet, strip, foil, tube, rod, wire, profiles, etc.