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Aluminium alloy material category


Pure aluminum aluminum alloy products

Pure aluminium smelting products and processed products, pressure by the chemical composition of Al, according to the latter in Chinese pinyin LG (aluminum, industrial) said.

Pressure processing aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy pressure processing products are divided into rust (LF), hard (LY), forging (LD), superhard (LC), coated (LB), special (LT) and seven classes such as brazing (LQ). The state of the commonly used aluminum alloy material braised fire (M) for annealing, hardening (Y), such as hot rolled (R) three.


Aluminum and aluminum alloy material processed into certain shape generally referred to as the aluminum, including sheet, strip, foil, tube, rod, wire, profiles, etc.

Casting of aluminium alloy

Casting aluminum alloy (ZL) according to the composition of chinalco outside of the main elements of silicon, copper, magnesium, zinc is divided into four categories, code coding respectively 100, 200, 300, 200.

High strength aluminum alloy

High strength aluminum alloy refers to aluminium alloy, the tensile strength is greater than 480 million mpa pressure is mainly in the processing of aluminum alloy hard aluminum alloy, hard alloy and casting alloy.