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Would-be aluminum market in China and


In recent years, China's door industry popular, various products to outshine each other, many consumers around all kinds of doors and Windows products on the market, many doors and Windows products who actor who's bad? The author visited the rain wood industry, according to the theory, the boss of sums up the pattern of the present situation of market of window:

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows market share

Speaking of building doors and Windows products market in China at present, the building doors and Windows products on the market in our country, aluminum doors and Windows products accounted for the proportion is the largest, 55%; Followed by the plastic doors and Windows, accounting for 35%; Steel doors and Windows products are 6% of the share; Other materials products accounts for 4% of the remaining. Digital production, aluminum doors and Windows products, is about 150 million square meters. The rain wood boss pointed out that, aluminum alloy doors and Windows are occupy market share proportion is the largest, the reason is that in the town in our country, the development of aluminum alloy doors and Windows products long range.

Although some parts of aluminum alloy product quality in a certain period of time or by ordinary people, but because of people's living standard, limited the restriction of the economic conditions, in quite some consumers, aluminum doors and Windows are still their preferred products. Even though most of the aluminum Windows and doors are still common aluminum single-layer glass installation, like a broken bridge function is equipped with a hollow glass aluminum doors and Windows of the aluminium window market is less than 20%, the proportion of aluminum Windows and doors still account for about half of building doors and Windows products market activities.

Would-be Windows and doors market in China and difficult points

Would-be Windows and doors market in China and difficult points

Plastic doors and Windows products are developed under the national industrial policy support emerging building doors and Windows products. After 20 years of development, all kinds of products have been into homes. But because of the price hike in raw materials and parts of the operators of irregularities, the plastic doors and Windows industry is facing a severe test.

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows PK plastic doors and Windows

In recent years, consumers in the face of some real estate developers and published by the department of architecture design who who aluminum and plastic doors and Windows products better topic. Isn't it? Earlier had just one out of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, compared to the earlier period of the solid web steel window and hollow steel window, light and beautiful decorative really attracted many consumers flock. But as time goes on, spring, summer, autumn and winter snow weathered the test of the rain, the original aluminum alloy doors and Windows disadvantages exposed, especially thermal conductivity is strong, the poor thermal insulation of let a person produce complaints.

Later, plastic doors and Windows, and a consumer boom, plastic doors and Windows was once a high-grade residential decoration one of essential products. But good flowers don't often open, every day is not Sunday, it's nice when a new product, actually walk into the plight of two suffer indignities. Raw material rises in price product is infectious, or consumers will stay away from but go to. And was back at this time of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows, with hot broken bridge technology coupled with hollow glass and color appearance, solve the many shortcomings of performance, has become the pronoun of high-grade door window.

Aluminum, plastic doors and Windows who actor who's bad?

Experts say the two products each have advantages and disadvantages, can't print, as long as ready to become a good product. Saw and heard the rain wood boss combined with study abroad, for example: "the world is influenced by economic conditions and people's living habits, building doors and Windows products vary. Like Italy, Spain and other countries, plastic doors and Windows are very few, but Germany a lot, especially the two after the merger. In general, plastic window more used in residential housing, aluminium window frames used in public buildings".

Said to the aluminum doors and Windows when the quality of the product in China, the rain wood industry, pointed out: "first is the quality of the metal parts need to improve, the second is the whole manufacturing process, from design to installation, from the world's advanced level and larger gap". "But we believe that, with the strengthening of national economic strength, people's living standards improve, people with money, demand for good doors and Windows products are natural. Good product consumption is the key to any object, thousands of yuan a square thing sure is different from hundreds of yuan a square thing".